On the website all our members can obtain points after registration. Our aim is to give more motivation to our students by encouraging them to use the site and carry out certain activities while they are studying with us. Besides increasing the popularity of the website, this enables the students to spend their collected points in Eflow and improve their knowledge.

On 8 April 2021 our members are allocated 50 points. These points can be increased by completing the activities indicated in the following table and can be used in the way described below. The content of the table is valid from 8th April until withdrawal. What does withdrawal mean? All points will be cancelled when the participant finishes his/her training with SZABÓ Nyelviskola és Fordítóiroda Kft. We reserve the right to change these conditions.

Points obtainable on the website:

Register to website 5 points
Change profile avatar/photo (max once a month) 5 points
Visit the website (max once a day) 5 points
Complete an assignment 10 points
Take the Mock exam (max once a month) 10 points
Complete a Midterm/Final quiz 10 points
Publish a new post 10 points
Comment on a post (max once a day) 5 points


The points obtained on the website can be used in Eflow developed and operated by SZABÓ Nyelviskola és Fordítóiroda Kft. Eflow can also be found in a separate menu item on the website. Students can develop several skills (Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, English Usage, Grammar, Listening, Speaking) at 5 different language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) on their own, without any help from a teacher. The topics are built on the list of topics of accredited general language tasks, and the levels of the tasks comply with the expectations of the relevant levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The following table shows the number of points required to do the Eflow tasks:

Writing 30 points
Reading 10 points
Vocabulary 10 points
English Usage 10 points
Grammar 10 points
Listening 25 points
Speaking 5 points


We wish all our members a lot of success with language learning!

See you soon on our website, where a wide variety of tasks are awaiting you!


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