Test quiz for support

Test quiz for support with formatting, layout problems.

The problems are in REACT QUIZ!!!!!  (The same questions layout is correct in non react quiz.)

1-2. one fill in blank answer in 1 question:  big spaces, or no spaces after instruction, the end of the statement is lifted…

3. more than 1 fill in blank answer in 1 question: originally all answers should be in different line, but they are packed

4. more fill in blank answers in 1 question , the layout of the text is completely broken… end of sentence is lifted…etc.

5. same problem with dropdown menu question, 1 answer 1 question…

Names of the questions:

1 Gram B1 Fill PK264 

2. Gram B1 Fill PK263 

3. Read B1 Fill PK268 

4. List B1 Fill PK 215 

5. Voca B1 Drop PK260 1

5:00 Time RemainingMins Secs
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