Opinions about the SZABÓ Nyelvi Díj

What did the award recipients say?


Students Award:

Alala Saly:

It was an honor to be awarded and that I could get a new experience and meet people who have got high results in studying/teaching foreign languages.

Szikszay Ákos

The Szabó Language award provides an exceptional opportunity for ambitious and passionate speakers of the language, teachers and students alike, to remain motivated in their efforts in the future, and excel even more.

Gombos Éva Eszter

This award indicates the importance of lifelong learning and the encouragement for it therefore it is such a big honour to be able to win it.


Teachers Award:

Lakatosh Karolina:

Szabó Language Prize is an outstanding opportunity for ESL teachers and students to present their professional path and talent in English and to get acknowledged by an independent board of experts.

Arany László

I am honored and pleased that my teaching philosophy and practice have been found pertinent by the board. Their decision has strengthened my belief in the teaching approach I have been honing and improving for almost a quarter of a century. Getting the gist of the teaching practice crammed in one A4-size page – though – was a bit demanding. A much more detailed description on both the efficiencies and inefficiencies of my presented teaching practice could have been given if page-limitations issued by the board had been not that strict.


Special Award:

Szecsődi István

I am very pleased that I got Szabó Nyelvi Díj this year. It is motivating for me to learn English in the future.


What did the media say?



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